Friday, June 22, 2012

BH Video Reviews

BH Cosmetics reviews are up.
 First 2 below, keep checking back for updates!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BH Goodness Haul

I thought I had had enough of Pallets after my big ELF disappointment, but.....
I've been researching all about 88 and 120 Pallets. I finally made my decision to order from BH Cosmetics based on reviews, pricing and customer satisfaction.
My order is here! Here is a sneak peek of the goodies I will be reviewing on YouTube!

I can hear the Palettes Calling my name! Let us out! Let us out!!

Party Girl is the first to pop out!! Ha Ha I tricked you, she's not an 88 or a 120!!

Then we have the 120 2nd Edition

and...... the 120 3rd Edition

Last but not least we have..... Drum-roll Please.................

The 6 Color Contour & Blush Palette!!!

More Pics and video coming shortly!!! Now it's time to Play!!

But here's a bonus sneak peek first!

Stay tuned!!!!!

One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Excited to announce that WYOSPARKLES has awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award" to PinkTrixxi
Thanks so much for the Award!
It is very much appreciated!

and now for the following rules:
1. share seven (7) random facts about yourself.
2. Share the love! :)  - Award 7 blogs the same award :)

1. Addicted to Pepsi Throwback
2. Hate talking on the phone
3. My dog smells like Fritos he's getting a bath today
4. Love Taco Bell
5. Have an eyebrow Piercing
6. Favorite eyeliner- UD 24/7 in Zero
7. I do my own Gelish Manicures
I am awarding the "One Lovely Blog Award" to the following Lovely Ladies Blogs:

WyoSparkles: and the Award goes to.......

WyoSparkles: and the Award goes to.......: Hey All... Over the last couple of days, we've received awards from several fellow beauty bloggers.  We didn't even know it was Awards Sea...

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wipe Report!!

Check out who will win the Wipe down, Josie Maran or Ole Henricksen!!

Do you have a makeup wipe you love? 
Share your thought by leaving a comment!!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Yes, So I am running around the house singing " I love Muji....... I love Muji" to the "I Want Candy" song. Needless to say I am getting extremely strange looks from both the Man and the Dog!
Well If they knew what a Muji Drawer was and how it would make you into an organizational Wizard, they'd be singing too! (OK maybe not, I'm just Weird)
Today the FedEx truck came Super early, he must have known I was anxiously awaiting his arrival. 
I received my 3 Muji acrylic drawer sets today, 1 five drawer which are the smaller depth drawers, and  Two 2 drawers which are a little deeper. 
Here  are some unboxing pics, these things are packed better than anything I have ever ordered from anywhere! Seriously! They take pride in their shipping and want to make sure you get your items in perfect condition!

There they are all taped up in their protective Bubble Wrap which took me FOREVER to get off!!!

And here they are all unwrapped in their Muji nakedness, ready to be filled with all of my Goodies! Five drawer set on the bottom and both Two drawer sets on top. I should have taken a pic of the bottom, as they do have these little feet to stop them from sliding around on your table or when they are stacked.
And now, Drumroll please.......................................................

Totally Awesome Right? 

For their size you can fit a pretty decent amount in them, I think they are Awesome! some things in the larger drawers you can stack like MAC lipsticks, in the smaller drawers I was able to stack some Stila Optic Lipglosses. Now granted this is no where near my full makeup collection, but these drawers do a world of wonders organizing your most currently used items! I think I am goin to purchase another 2 drawer set for this stack which is right by my makeup mirror, and maybe pick some more up to go on top of my Ikea Chest of Drawers which I really have to go through and get rid of a lot of stuff I don't use anymore.

Over all these are a great investment and will save you some sanity trying to find something in a sea of makeup all jammed up in a drawer or basket! Plus they are reasonably priced, not like that crazy Clear Cube I keep reading about!!

Check them out on Muji's website @

Check back often, I plan on getting some vids up on this soon!

If you have these drawers let me know how many are in your set up! If you are planning on getting them what will your set up consist of?   If you think there cool beans leave a comment as well!

As promised here is the video review: